Short List of Bibliographic Resources


  1. Works illustrating early hand tools and implements.
    1. Tool and Supply Catalogues
    2. Medical Instrument Catalogues
    3. Illustrated General Catalogues
    4. Modern Guides and Historical Treatises
      Including additional bibliography
    5. Exhibition and On-line Catalogues
    6. Older Works with Incidental Illustrations or Information
    7. Useful Institutions
  2. Cataloging aids
    1. Basic aids
    2. Additional aids

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A. Works illustrating early hand tools and implements

1. Tool and supply catalogs

* = In hand and used in the production of this sample catalogue.

*   1979.....Plateau/Crist Equipment
*   1978.....McMaster-Carr Supply
*   1973.....Mill & Mine Supply
*   1968.....Marshall Newell Supply
*   1941.....Brown & Sharp
*   1938.....L.S.Starrett
*   1925.....Sandusky Tool Co.
    1922.....Sargent Tools
    1922.....AF Brombacher
    1921.....Collins & Co
*   1915.....Millers Falls Tools
*   1914.....Chapin-Stephens
    1912.....L.& I.J. White
*   1911.....James Swan Co.
    1910.....Sargent Tools
    1909.....Peck, Stow & Wilcox (tinsmithing tools)
*   1909.....Preston
    1900.....Berger Handbook of Engineers' and Surveyors' 
             Instruments of Precision
    1899.....Russell Jennings Mfg. Co.
*   1898.....Stanley Tools
    1896.....Britannia Co.
*   1895.....Chas. Strelinger & Co., Detroit
    1894.....Sargent Tools
    1892.....Rabone Rules and Levels
*   1890.....Buck Brothers
*   1888.....Stanley Tools
    1888.....Lufkin Rule Co.
*   1887.....Millers Falls
*   1879.....Stanley Tools
*   1877.....Sandusky Tool Co.
*   1873.....D.R.Barton & Co.
*   1872.....Greenfield Tool Co.
*   1870-1...Stanley Tools
*   1869.....Auburn Tool Co.
*   1867.....Stanley Tools
*   1865.....Russel & Erwin Mfg. Co.
    1860.....Belcher Brothers
*   1855.....Stanley Tools
*   1845.....R.Timmins & Sons
    1838.....W.H. Carr

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2. Medical Instrument Catalogs

*   1933.....George P. Pilling & Son Company. Instruments and 
             apparatus for surgeons and hospitals. 1932-3 ed.
             Philadelphia, 1932.

*   1921.....Kay-Scheerer Corporation. Illustrations of surgical 
             instruments of superior quality manufactured by
             Kay-Scheerer Corporation of America. 22nd ed. N.Y.,
             1921. TAUBMAN 617.9 K74i 1921

*   1914.....Collin & Cie. [Catalogue général illustrés
             d'instruments de chirurgie. Paris, 1914.
             TAUBMAN 617.9 C699c

*  c1900.....John Weiss and Son. Catalogue of instruments for
             operations on the bladder, kidney, urethra, etc.,
             and rectum. Manufactured by John Weiss & Son, Ltd.
             London, [1900?]. TAUB 617.9 W431.

*   1899.....Truax, Charles. The Mechanics of Surgery, comprising
             detailed descriptions, illustrations, and lists of the
             instruments, appliances, and furniture necessary in
             modern surgical art. Chicago: Hammond Press, 1899.

*   1889.....Sharp & Smith. Catalogue of Sharp & Smith,
             importers, manufacturers, wholesale and retail dealers
             in surgical instruments, deformity apparatus..., etc.
             Chicago, 1889.
             TAUB 617.9 S532c 1889

*   1889.....George Tiemann & Co. The American armamentarium
             chirurgicum. Centennial edition. N.Y.: C.H. Ludwig,
             1889; rpt. San Francisco: Norman Publishing; Boston:
             The Printer's Devil, 1989.

*   1879.....George Tiemann & Co. The American armamentarium
             chirurgicum: illustrations of modern surgical
             instruments and appliances. New York, 1879.

For additional catalogues, see Black (1996) and Davis (1986) below.

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3. Illustrated general catalogs and advertisements

*   1922.....Montgomery Ward
*   1897.....Sears Roebuck

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4. Modern Guides and Historical Treatises

*   Bennion, Elisabeth. Antique Medical Instruments. 
      London: Sotheby Parke Bernet; Berkeley: Univ.
      of California Press, 1979.
       DENT (at BUHR) R856 B421

*   __________. Antique Dental Instruments. London: 
      Sotheby's Publications, 1986.
       DENT RK 681 .B47x 1986

    Bishop, J. Leander. A History of American Manufactures
      from 1608 to 1860. 3d ed. 3 vols. 1868 (rpt. 1967)

[on order] 
    [Black, Lois.] [Catalogue of Medical Trade
      Catalogues.] N.Y.: The New York Academy of Medicine Library,

*   Brigden, Roy. Agricultural Hand Tools. Shire Album 100.
      Princes Risborough: Shire, c1983; rpt. 1995.

*   Cope, Kenneth L. Makers of American Machinist's Tools: A
      Historical Directory of Makers and their Tools. Mendham,
      NJ: Astragal Press, 1994.
      NOT AT U/M
*   Cope, Kenneth L. American Machinist's Tools: An illustrated
      directory of patents. Mendham, NJ: Astragal Press, 1993.
      NOT AT U/M

*   Daumas, Maurice. Scientific Instruments of the Seventeenth
      and Eighteenth Centuries. Trans. Mary Holbrook. London:
      Portman, 1989. First English ed., 1972.
      Q185 D243 1989

    Davis, Audrey B. The Finest Instruments Ever Made: a Bibliography
      of Medical, Dental, Optical, and Pharmaceutical Company
      Trade Literature, 1700-1939. Arlington, Mass.: Medical 
      History Publishing Associates, c1986.
      DENT or TAUB Z 7164 M43 D3811 1986

    __________. Medicine and its Technology: An introduction
      to the history of medical instrumentation. Westport, Conn.:
      Greenwood Press, 1981.

*   Dupont, Jean-Claude. L'artisan forgeron. Quebec: Les presses
      de l'universite Laval, 1979.
      TT 220 D861

*   Fredgant, Don. Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical
      Collectibles. Florence, Alabama: Books Americana,
       DENT R 856.48 .F741 1981

*   Fussell, G.E. The Farmer's Tools: A History of British
      Farm Implements, Tools, and Machinery Before the
      Tractor Came, From A.D. 1500-1900. London: Andrew
      Melrose, 1952. 
       BUHR S 675 .F98

*   Goodman, W.L. The History of Woodworking Tools. NY:
      McKay; London: G. Bell, 1964.
      TT 180 G65

*   Hambly, Maya. Drawing Instruments, 1580-1980. London:
      Sotheby's, 1980.

*   Handtools of Arts and Crafts. London, 1981
       ART & ARCH TT 153.7 H24

*   Heggs, Francis Michell, and H. G. Radcliffe Drew.
      The Instruments of surgery. Springfield, Ill.:
      Charles C. Thomas, 1963.

*   Hindle, Brooke, ed. America's Wooden Age: Aspects of
      its Early Technology. Tarrytown: Sleepy Hollow
      Restorations, 1975.

*   Howe, James Virgil. The Modern Gunsmith. Rev.
      ed. NY: Funk & Wagnalls, 1941. 2 vols. 

*   Hummel, Charles. With Hammer in Hand: The Dominy
      Craftsmen of East Hampton, New York. Charlottesville:
      The University Press of Virginia for the Henry
      Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, 1968.

    Index Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon-General's
      Office. 1880-

    Index Medicus. N.Y.: F. Leypoldt, 1879-

    Kauffman, Henry J. American Axes. Brattleboro: 
      Stephen Greene Press, 1972.
       NOT AT U/M

    Kean, Herbert P. and Emil S. Pollak. Collecting Antique
       NOT AT U/M

    __________. A Price Guide to Antique Tools.
       NOT AT U/M

*   Kababian, P.B. American Woodworking Tools. Greenwich:
      NY Graphic Society, 1978.
       A&A LOCAL STORAGE TT186.K41

*   Kilby, Kenneth. The Cooper and his trade. London: John 
      Baker, 1971.

    Medical Device Register. Greenwich, Conn.: DSI, 1993-

    Mercer, Henry Chapman. Ancient Carpenters' Tools. Bucks
       County Historical Society, 1929. 5th ed., Horizon
       Press, 1975.
       NOT AT U/M

    Miller, Genevieve, ed. Bibliography of the history of 
      medicine of the United States and Canada, 1839-1960.
      Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1964.

    Pearson, Ronald W. The American Patented Brace 1829-1924: 
      An illustrated directory of patents.
       NOT AT U/M

*   Peterson, Charles E., ed. Building Early America.
       Art& Arch Local Storage TH 23 B93

*   Pollak, Emil and Martyl Pollak. Selections from The 
      Chronicle: The Fascinating World of Early Tools and 
      Trades. Mendham, N.J., 1991.

    Roberts, Kenneth D. and Jane W. Roberts. Planemakers
      and other edged tool enterprises in New York State
      in the nineteenth century. Cooperstown: NYSHA, 1971.

    Roberts, Kenneth D. Wooden Planes in 19th-Century
      America. Fitzwilliam, NH: Ken Roberts, 1975.

*   Rose, Walter. The Village Carpenter.

    Rutkow, Ira M. The history of surgery in the United
      States, 1775-1900. 2 vols. San Francisco: Norman
      Publishing, 1988.

    Salaman, R.A. Dictionary of Tools of Woodworking and
      Kindred Trades. NY: Scribner, 1975. U/M copy missing.

      ?Same as Dictionary of Woodworking Tools, 1990

    ____________. Dictionary of Leatherworking Tools.

*   Scott-Scott, Michael. Drawing Instruments. Shire Album 180.
      Princes Risborough: Shire Publications, 1986.

    Sellens, Alvin. Woodworking Planes. Alvin Sellens, 1978.

*   Sloane, Eric. A Museum of Early American Tools. NY:
      Wilfrid Funk, 1964.

*   Sturt, George. The Wheelwright's Shop. Cambridge: Cambridge
      University Press, 1963.*

*   Tabanelli, Mario. Tecniche e strumenti chirurgici del
      xiii et xiv secolo. Firenze: Leo S. Olschki, 1973.
      Biblioteca della 'Rivista di storia delle scienze
      mediche e naturali,' v. 18.
       BUHR RD 21 D13

*   Thompson, C.J.S. The History and Evolution of Surgical
      Instruments. NY: Schuman's, 1942.
       DENT RK 681 .T46

*   Turner, Anthony. Early Scientific Instruments: Europe, 1400-
      1800. London: Sotheby's, 1987.
      Q 185 T86511 1987

*   Underhill, Roy. The Woodwright's Shop: A practical guide to
      traditional woodcraft. Chapel Hill: U of NC Press, 1981.

*   __________. The Woodwright's Companion: Exploring Traditional
      Woodcraft. Chapel Hill, 1983. ART & ARCH TT 180 U4671 1983

*   Viires, Ants. Woodworking in Estonia: Historical survey. 
      Transl. from Estonian [by] E.R. Kirjastus. Jerusalem: 
      Published for the Smithsonian Institution and the 
      National Science Foundation by the Israel Program for 
      Scientific Translations, 1969.

*   Watson, Aldren. Hand Tools: Their Ways and Workings.
      NY: Norton, 1982.

*   Webber, Ronald. The Village Blacksmith. South Brunswick:
      Great Albion Books, 1971.
      TT220 W37 1972

    Welcome Institute for the History of Medicine. Subject
      Catalogue of the History of Medicine and Related Sciences.
      Kraus International, 1980-

    Whelan, John M. The Wooden Plane: Its history, form, and
       Not at U/M

    Wilbur, C. Keith. Antique Medical Instruments. West Chester, 
     Penn.: Schiffer, 1987.

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5. Exhibition and on-line catalogs, et sim.

    Basing, Patricia. Crafts and trades in Medieval manuscripts.
      London: British Library, 1990.
        FA//ND 3336 B371 1990--BUT NOT ON SHELF!

*   Campbell, J. Menzies. Catalogue of the Menzies Campbell
      Collection of Dental Instruments, Pictures, Appliances,
      Ornaments, etc. Edinburgh: Royal College of Surgeons,
       DENT RK 686 .R88

*   Dammann, Gordon. Pictorial Encyclopedia of Civil War
      Medical Instruments and Equipment. Missoula, Montana:
      Pictorial Histories, 1983.
       DENT R 856 .A5 D361 1984

*   Davis, Aubrey B. The Dentist and his Tools.
      In the Smithsonian. [Washington, D.C.:
      Smithsonian Institution,] 1970?
       DENT RK 681 .D26 1970

*   Early American Tools. Photographs by Hans Namuth; Text by 
      Marshall Davidson. Olivetti Corporation of America, 1975.

*   Edmunson, James M. Nineteenth-century surgical instruments:
      A catalogue of the Gustav Weber Collection at the Howard
      Dittrick Museum of Historical Medicine. 1986
      TAUBMAN RD71 G8711 1986

*   Gaynor, James M. and Nancy L. Hagedorn. Tools: Working Wood in
      Eighteenth-century America. Williamsburg, VA: Colonial 
      Williamsburg Foundation, 1993.
        NOT AT U/M

    Hansen, James L., et. al. The Billings microscope collection
      of the Medical Museum Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.
      2nd ed. Washington, D.C.: Armed Forces Institute of Pathology,

*   Historical Center for the Health Sciences. 

*   Instruments of Change: New Hampshire Hand Tools and their 
      makers, 1800-1900. Exhibition held at the New Hampshire
      Historical Society, 1984-5. Written by James L. and Donna
      Belle Garvin. New Hampshire Historical Society, 
      1985. GRAD TJ 1200 .G331 1985

*   Minow, Helmut, ed. Historische Vermessungsinstrumente:
      ein Verzeichnis der Sammlungen in Europa. Wiesbaden:
      Chmielorz, 1982.

*   The OHIOLINK on-line catalogue. URL: telnet:/

    The Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton.
       NOT AT U/M

*    Wildung, Frank H. Woodworking Tools at Shelburne Museum.
       Shelburne, VT: Shelburne Museum, 1957.
       Art&Arch TH 5618 S54 1957

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6. Older works with descriptions or incidental illustrations of tools

    Besson, Jacques. Theatrum instrumentorum (Lyons, 1569)

*   Bion, [Nicolas]. The Construction and Principal Uses of 
      Mathematical Instruments, translated from the French of M. Edmund Stone, including thirty folio 
      illustrations of the several instruments, to which he
      has added a Supplement. 1758; rpt. 1995.

    The Book of English Trades and Library of the Useful Arts.
      TAUBMAN RARE T47 B72 1835

*   Comenius, Johannes Amos. The Orbis Pictus of John Amos 
      Comenius. Syracuse: C.W. Bardeen, 1887. (Better 
      editions available)

*   A Diderot Pictorial Encyclopedia of Trades and Industry. 
      2v. Dover rpt. [or, of course, the original Encyclopedie 
        Art& Arch Local Storage T9 E563

    Disston Handbook for Lumbermen. [Henry Disston & Sons.] (1902)
        Not at U/M

    Felibien, Andre. Des principes de l'Architecture
      (Paris, 1676)

    Fuller, John. The Art of Coppersmithing (1893)
        Not at U/M

    Graham, Frank D. Carpenter's and Builder's Guide
       (1st ed.) Audel, 1923.

*   Grimshaw, Robert. Grimshaw on Saws. 1880.
       BUHR--placed on hold at Hatcher Circ.
    The Gurley Manual : American Engineer's & Surveyor's 
      Instruments. 1874.
       SCIENCE TA 581 G98--But not on shelf!

    Hasluck, Paul N. Metalworking: Tools, Materials, and 
      Processes. (1907)
        Not at U/M

    Hazen, Edward. Popular Technology; or, Professions and
      Trades. 2 vols. NY: Harper, 1855.

    Henry Disston & Sons. The Saw in History. 8th ed.
      Philadelphia, 1925.

*   Holme, Randle. Academy of Armory. (1688)
    Holtzapffel, Charles and John Jacob. Turning and Mechanical 
      Manipulation. 5 vol. 1843. 
         VOLS. 4 & 5 in A&A LOCAL STORAGE.

    [Lukin, James. Turning Lathes. 1894.]

*   Lukin, James. Turning Lathes: A manual for technical schools
      and apprentices. London: E. & F.N. Spon, 1888.

*   MacCord, Charles William. Practical Hints for 
      Draughtsmen. 2nd ed. NY: John Wiley, 1888.
       ENGIN (at BUHR) T 353 .M14 1888

    Martin, Thomas. The Circle of the Mechanical Arts. 2nd
      ed. London: J.Bumpus, 1818.
    Mascall, Leonard (1572): instruments for grafting reprod.
      in Chronicle, Dec., 1975.

*   Moxon, Joseph. Mechanick Exercises, or the Doctrine of Handy-
      Works. 1678, 1703; rpt. Morristown: Astragal, 1989.

    Neve, Richard. The City and Count[r?]y Purchaser and
      Builder's Dictionary. London, 1726.

    Nicholson, Peter. New Carpenter's Guide. Improved and
      enl. ed. London: Jones, 1826.

    Nicholson, Peter. The Mechanic's Companion. Philadelphia,

    Nicholson File Company. A Treatise on Files and Rasps.
      Providence, 1878.

    Richardson, M.T. Practical Carriage Building. (1892)
      Not at U/M

    Roubo, A. L'Art du Menuisier. 4 vols. Paris, 1769-1775;
      rpt. Paris, 1976.

*   Scultetus, Johannes. Armamentarium chirurgicum XLIII
      Tabulas aeri elegantissime incisis...exornatum. 1655;
      rpt. 1973.

*   Stockham, Peter, ed. Early American Crafts and Trades. NY: 
      Dover, 1976.

*   Warren, S[amuel] Edward. A Manual of Drafting Instruments
      and Operations. NY: Wiley, 1872.
       BUHR QA464 W31 1872

    Welsh, Peter C. "Woodworking tools, 1600-1900." 
      Contributions from the Museum of History and
      Technology, Paper 51. U.S. National Museum Bulletin
      241 (1965): 179-227.

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7. Generally Useful Institutions

    Dittrick Museum, Cleveland, Ohio.
    Mercer Museum, Doylestown, PA
    Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, MI
    Colonial Williamsburg

    The Chronicle of the Early American Industries Association
    Astragal Press
    Shire Books
    Lindsay Publications

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B. Cataloguing Aids and Guides

1. Basic aids




Art and Architecture Thesaurus

Controlled vocabularies constituted by indexes
 and arrangement of many of the works cited above.
 Most comprehensive: McMaster-Carr.

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2. Additional aids

Abell-Seddon, Brian. Museum Catalogues: A Foundation for 
      Computer Processing. London: Clive Bingley, 1988.
        ILSL AM 139.A2311 1988.

*   Baker, Sylvia. "Organizing the Collection." In Museum 
      Librarianship, ed. John Larsen. Library Professional 
      Publications, 1985.

    Bierbaum, Esther Green. "Records and Access: Museum 
      Registration and Library Cataloging." Cataloging and 
      Classification Quarterly.

*   __________. Museum Librarianship. Jefferson, NC: 
      McFarland, 1994.

*   Chenhall, Robert G. Museum Cataloging in the Computer Age. 
      Nashville: American Assoc. for State and Local History, 

*   Chenhall, Robert G. and David Vance. Museum Collections 
      and today's computers. NY: Greenwood, 1988.

*   Chenhall, Robert G. Nomenclature for Museum Cataloging: 
      A System for Classifying Man-mad objects. Nashville: 
      AASLH, 1978.

*   Compton, Jennifer. "Librarian or Sleuth? The identification of
     historical medical artifacts. ?The Watermark (199?), 6-63.

*   Edmonson, James. "Documentation of Instruments and their Makers."
     ?The Watermark (199?), 63-65.

*   Floria, Gary and Candy. Have a number: a guide for dating through
     patent numbers. St. Paul, Minn.: Candyland Antiques, 1976.

*   Gerstner, Patsy. [Discussion of Ohio Medical Artifacts Cataloging
     project]. The Watermark (Winter 1992), ??.

*   Manual for cataloging historical medical artifacts using
     OCLC and the MARC format. [Manual adopted by the Dittrick
     Museum for its contributions to the Ohio Medical Artifacts
     Cataloging Project (OMACP).] Rendered in HTML by Denise

    Museum Documentation Systems: Developments and Applications. Ed.
     Richard B. Light, D.Andrew Roberts, and Jennifer D. 
     Stewart. London: Butterworths, 1986.
        NOT ON SHELF

*   Patent numbers by year. 

*   Orna, Elizabeth and Charles Pettit. Information handling in
     museums. NY: KG Saur, 1980.

*   Petersen, Toni and Pat Molholt. Beyond the Book: Extending
    MARC for Subject Access. Boston: G.K.Hall, 1990.

    Reilbel, Daniel B. Registration Methods for the Small 
     Museum: A Guide for Historical Collections. Nashville:
     AASLH, 1978.
        NOT AT U/M

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